Tuckpointing Chicago, IL | TopLine Masonry Contractors

Tuckpointing Chicago isn’t only an effective way to fix problems with your chimney, it also improves its appearance! A new coat of mortar covers up any cracks or chipping that may have appeared over time and can keep water from getting inside the wall. For a small investment in time and money, you can make sure your chimney will be strong and look great for years to come.

If your chimney has become damaged or worn down over the years, tuckpointing Chicago can help seal off brickwork and mortar joints to stop unwanted water from entering the chimney. This waterproofing method is best performed by a qualified mason service. Chimneys that are left unattended and uncared for can suffer serious damage, resulting in moisture damage to your home and depreciation of its value. Our tuckpointing Chicago service ensures that this isn’t the case, as we seal and repair fireplaces to reduce moisture infiltration, protect your property from further damage, and preserve the value of your home.