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Things you need to know about concrete repair
There are plenty of concrete structures around us in our daily lives because it’s a frequently used material. Concrete offers several benefits and its durability is one of its best.  But without proper maintenance, your concrete can suffer damage because of the different weather conditions and exposure to natural causes like earthquakes or chemical factors. These damages can cause corrosion, leaks, water intrusion, or structural damage. As experts in this topic, our concrete contractors are specially trained to advise and suggest quality materials so you can get the best results. Their craftsmanship and knowledge of concrete repair are what make our services so special.
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Importance of concrete repairs
It’s very important to provide your concrete infrastructure with the repair and renovations it required in time. Concrete repairs can actually significantly improve your property performance and existence because by fixing it you are actually preventing its demolition.  Our experts can fix any worn or cracked surface if the problem is noticed at the right moment. Plan an inspection every year so your structure can be free of any structural damage.



We are experts in concrete steps repair and levelling, and a range of other concrete work.
Not only do uneven steps look bad, they can be dangerous to your loved ones and guests. However, this doesn’t mean you need entirely new steps, let us show you how our concrete step repair process can transform your sunken stairs into safe and sturdy ones. We work efficiently, normally finishing in one day, at a great price.
We are able to restore your uneven steps by lifting and levelling them, using our patented concrete repair process. No matter how damaged your steps are, we have the solution through our cost-effective restoration techniques that will bring safety, beauty, and value back to your home. Our professional staff will explain each step of your concrete step repair project in Chicago, and carry them out with precision and expertise. You can be confident that once we are done, your concrete steps will look like new.


Just like many other concrete slabs, over time water underneath concrete steps can wash away the soil base, causing them to drop down into the space.


Levelling steps for concrete step repair can be a bit different than other concrete restoration jobs, depending on a few factors. The type of step construction, and number of stairs to be lifted,  will determine if we pump new concrete on top of the slab and the surrounding sidewalk, or if we need to lift the steps. Lifting requires a system of jacks and levers to get the steps into place and pouring a stone grout slurry underneath to create a solid long-lasting base. This helps to ensure that the concrete step repair on your Chicago home lasts for years to come. No matter the method, you can be confident that our experts in Chicago will get your steps looking their best.

Several Concrete Restoration Services

Concrete is a frequently used material for surfaces.  A method used to assure its durability is leveling your concrete slabs before they get broken and you will need to replace them. Concrete replacement is frequently more expensive than repairing your concrete when it needs it. Our experts know how to work and restore any damage. They know different techniques to solve any concrete repair.










Garage Floor



An intact and level sidewalk or walkway is important for the look and value of your home or business, and also helps to prevent any falls and injuries. Though concrete is one of the toughest materials for construction, concrete walkways and sidewalks still wear down over time and require concrete repair. Concrete crack repair and concrete patching of sidewalks in Chicago becomes necessary due to exposure to the elements, freeze and thaw cycles, and sometimes from heavy rains and poor water drainage, all of which wear down the material over time. If you are wanting to repair a cracked, sunken or uneven sidewalk in Chicago, call us for a free estimate for your project.

Despite concrete being one of the most durable materials out there, it will wear down over time. The concrete slabs that make up your driveway can get various types of damage from tree roots, soil settling, burrowing rodents, groundwater issues, and more. If you have uneven, sunken, and cracked sections of your Chicago driveway, you may not need to tear it out and replace it, as it is likely our team can help you with driveway repair here in Chicago. If you aren’t sure whether you need concrete driveway repair or replacement, call us so we can help you determine your options.



Uneven concrete patios are unsightly and unsafe, but before you tear it out and replace it with a new one, you should consider concrete repair and levelling options. With our expert team, your old patio can now be transformed into a beautiful like-new patio, without breaking the bank. Our Chicago contractors will level and lift your patio, as well as dealing with things like concrete crack repairs, while stabilizing the foundation so it stays safe and sturdy for years.

Over time, your concrete pool will deteriorate and develop hollow spots, sunken areas, and chipped and cracked areas. Our Chicago team can restore your old and uneven pool deck to its original state, or even better! Our concrete pool deck levelling and repair system is affordable and environmentally friendly, and can help restore your deck whether it is partially sunken in small areas or has dropped an entire foot. Save yourself the high cost of replacement by calling us for concrete pool deck repairs. You can be confident that our proven methods will get your pool deck looking brand new.



A level and flawless concrete porch adds value and beauty to your home or business, and helps to keep people safe from falls and injuries. If your concrete porch needs repairs, our expert team can take care of all necessary concrete restoration in Chicago, from small concrete crack repair jobs to overall levelling and repair. No matter the damage, our proven methodology for concrete repair can transform your concrete porch into a new one, without the high cost of tearing out and replacing it. We will personalize the job, and explain each step along the way, so you can be confident the job will be done right and to your satisfaction.

Concrete is chosen as flooring for its durability, but sometimes it becomes sunken or uneven. Instead of replacing it, have our team level and repair your concrete floors in your Chicago home or business. Our affordable and environmentally friendly concrete restoration techniques will get your floors back to the attractive state they were in when they were brand new. As well, our methods avoid unsightly concrete patching , and you will be able to use the repaired floors immediately. Our process is efficient, affordable, and top quality. Call us to discuss your options



Due to various factors, your garage floor may become uneven and cracked over time. Concrete floors may sink when the soils underneath are washed away or from various other factors, such as structural issues, but sinking is almost never uniform, causing dips, bumps, cracks and more issues. The floor may even move independently from the walls, causing more problems. When this happens, it is important to understand the problem, and then find the best restoration method. Our team can assess your uneven and damaged garage floor and then follow up with environmentally friendly and affordable concrete levelling and repair methods. Call us now so we can help you to get to the source of the problem and discuss your options for concrete repair, to make your concrete garage floor look brand new, and last for years.

Cracking in a cement ceiling indicates that there is some problem, whether an issue in the support structure or in the concrete itself. Sometimes the foundation of a building shifts, often due to soil settling, and this results in cracks in the ceiling. Once the structural issues are addressed, the cracks need to be fixed with a special cement that doesn’t shrink when it dries. We use only the newest concrete materials developed for fixing cracks in your concrete ceiling. They are durable, flexible, and expand when they dry, resulting in a lasting repair that looks great.

Repair Non-Structural Damage in
a Concrete Ceiling


Concrete Patching Methods for Repairing small and medium cracks in concrete

Small and medium sized cracks aren’t just unsightly, but can considerably lower the strength of concrete and masonry structures. For this reason, repair of these cracks is important in order to maintain the integrity of your building.
Reparation of small and medium cracks is done by pressure injections or grouting. First, critical damage zones are marked in concrete members, then they are repaired by injecting chemical or cement grouts, or by providing a jacketing, depending on a few factors.
Smaller cracks, with a width less than 0.75 mm, can be simply repaired by pressure injecting epoxy.
Before starting, the surface is cleaned, loose materials are removed, and plastic injection ports are placed along the length in specific intervals. Then, the ports are placed on both sides of the concrete member and secured in place by an epoxy seal. We can handle types of small concrete crack repairs in Chicago, to keep your structure sturdy and safe.

Patching Concrete in case of Large Cracks and Crushed Concrete:

Larger cracks, with widths greater than 5mm, as well as crushed concrete and masonry structure can not be repaired via grouting or pressure injections, but instead need a different method.

Our expert team carries out the following procedure for larger concrete crack repair and patching of concrete in Chicago:
1. The surface of the cracked or crushed area is cleaned and all loose materials are removed. They are then filled with quick setting cement mortar grouts.
2. With large cracks, we dress then with a V groove on both sides of the member to facilitate placement of the grouts.
3. For even larger cracks, filler materials, like stone chips, are used as well.
4. if concrete members are heavily damaged, additional reinforcement and shear reinforcements can be used, depending on the requirements.
The reinforcements will also be protected from corrosion by using epoxy coatings or polymer mortar.
5. In the case of damaged walls and roofs, mesh on one or both sides of the member is used for additional reinforcement.
6. To prevent widening of any existing cracks, stitching is done. Concrete stitching consists of drilling 6-10 cm holes on both sides of the crack, cleaning the holes and adding “stitching dogs” anchored down with short legs.

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