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With 20 years of experience working in Chicago, our family-owned business’s main purpose is to give you the best local service so you can feel safe at your property with your loved ones.  Our team is highly trained and equipped with the best tools so they can achieve the results you and your family are expecting. Our services include chimney repair, masonry repair and concrete repairs, brickwork, and any kind of repair that bricks can require. Also if you are a chimney owner, we can provide you with the best chimney services in town, to prevent any possible hazard. We offer chimney inspections, tuckpointing, and chimney repairs. For concrete repairs, our specialists are fully trained to provide solutions for your buildings. Our large area of service around the whole Chicagoland area, allows us to be there when you require us. So if you need any concrete, brick, or masonry repair solution, our team is what you are looking for.  Our contractors can guide you through your whole repair project and offer their expert recommendations that will help you get the most for your money and home. We love and enjoy what we do, let us take care of your property!



All you need to know about chimney repairs Chicago 
Maintenance is the right answer to keep your chimney in its best condition. Our business priority is to offer you the best customer service and quality products, so you can trust you are in good hands when you’re working with us. We offer the most effective chimney repair Chicago services and many solutions for your home or business. Our team is definitely the chimney repair experts you were looking for. Get in contact with our local store so we can start planning.

Plan Ahead your chimney inspection Chicago

As a chimney owner, you must be very conscious of the responsibility that comes with it.  Without proper maintenance, your chimney can become a potential fire threat. That’s why we recommend you should plan an inspection at least every year, so our experts can verify your chimney’s conditions and suggest any care it may need before winter starts.

Chimney Cap Repair

Every element of your chimney is important for its proper work function. Your chimney cap protects your house from any unwanted intrusion of an animal, water, or any draft sneak for example. It is located at the very top of your chimney and is made from metal or other materials. It’s a small repair that can easily be done by any of our experts but shouldn’t be avoided because without a cap repair your chimney can experience more damage.

Chimney Crown repair Chicago
A chimney crown is a large slab that covers the opening of the chimney. It’s often made of metal, concrete, or stone.The damage on a chimney crown can only be noticed when realizing a professional inspection from the top. One of the usual signs of damage is hairline cracks on its surface. Your chimney cap also protects the chimney crown. Our skilled professionals will carefully repair the chimney crown by filling the crack and then they will use a waterproof sealant to protect the surface.

Chimney Flashing Repair Chicago
A chimney flashing is a metal sheet used to seal and ensure that the connection between the chimney and the roof doesn’t allow any water leaking. If it’s damaged and not given the proper care, you may experience major water leaks. if you notice any damage to your chimney flashing, it’s important you contact us.

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Chimney Tuckpointing
At some point due to several conditions, your chimney masonry will need repair. Tuckpointing is the process used to repair any damage you notice on the mortar joints. It will also stop any moisture or water from getting into your chimney system and cause any more damage. It’s a complex process that should be done by experts so you can enjoy its benefits.

Rebuilding your Chimney
There are several signs that will help you notice your chimney is in the need of a rebuild. If your chimney looks deteriorated and weak, with noticeable cracks you need to call for our professional chimney service, so we can proceed with a proper inspection.

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Everything about masonry repair Chicago
Any repair you do to your masonry will add years of service to your structures. Tuckpointing in Chicago is also used to restore the aesthetics of your masonry work and your chimney repairs. Our experience allows us to give you multiple solutions in case you experience any construction problem when using stone, concrete, or stone. We offer several services so you can enjoy your property at its best.

Count with us if you need to fix the mortar joints, replace any cracked brick,restore the shelf angle or lintel, or if you are looking to expand the joints to allow movement on your masonry walls. We can also help if you need a flashing repair or to clean your masonry areas. Our experts recommend a frequent inspection to avoid any further damage. We only work with the best quality materials and with a skilled team to assure our results. We are ready to assist you with any of our services.

Call us if you need any of our quality services such as cleaning, maintenance, and inspections, tuckpointing or brick restoration in Chicago.

We are your number one local masonry restoration contractors in Chicago, with a team of experts that will happily answer any questions you may have.

We offer several services to make your property a comfortable and safe space that you can enjoy with your loved one. Our power washing, masonry fireplaces, parapet walls, and concrete repair services are done by the best team in Chicago. Call us and make an appointment, and let our experts provide you with our different solutions.

Power Washing

Brick and concrete structures are very trendy but if you don’t clean them often they may not look their best. Our professional power washing services’ purpose is to get your concrete or brick structures looking flawless. When you don’t clean your bricks or concrete often you may start noticing mold, debris, or efflorescence that will make your structure look dirty and abandoned. Our power washing services will serve an instant result so you can provide your property the love and care it needs. Avoid any concrete damage by working with our experts and listening to their suggestions. You can learn from their different cleaning techniques.

Parapet Walls

A parapet wall is a wall constructed at the edges of a building’s roof or houses to provide protection and to give stability to masonry construction. It also plays a vital role in the safety of the property occupants. Parapet walls a masonry structure and it’s very exposed to different elements. They are very difficult to see and sometimes they are unnoticed so if it’s damaged you will not realize it without an inspection. If you don’t repair a parapet wall when it’s needed it may become a public safety hazard or to anyone who uses the top area. Call us and let our team help you with any parapet restoration to help prevent any potential harm to the structure or your loved ones.

Masonry Fireplaces

Your home fireplace should be a comfortable area for your family. If you don’t give regular maintenance to it it will eventually break down. We offer several fireplace repairs so you can feel safe and enjoy your house without feeling worried. From changing all the brickwork around your fireplace or inspecting its structure. Our experts are highly skilled and work to make your fireplace an attractive and well-maintained space.

Concrete Repair

Concrete is a very durable material that can last almost 50 years but for several reasons, it can also get damaged. If you notice any crack, blisters, or surface scaling in your concrete, it is a sign of damage. It is necessary to act on it immediately when you notice these signs on your property. Our team can prove you with many concrete repair solutions for your sidewalks, patio, floors, or any area you are experiencing concrete damage.

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6 Signs That Your Chimney Needs to Be Repaired


If you have a chimney in your home, cabin or apartment and you don’t know when it needs a repair or you don’t know the signs of when it needs a restoration, worry no more, as we’re the experts in chimney inspections, repair, and rebuilding. More so, we can impart clear guidance on when your chimney needs servicing.

1. Damaged Mortar Joints
If the mortar joints that the brick chimney have are defective, they must pass through a repair process as soon as possible, since large amounts of moisture could concentrate in that area – as well as water drips- that will affect the brickwork to the point of causing the structure to weaken at a faster pace and even collapse.

2. Rusted Damper or Firebox
If by chance you’re using your fireplace and find that it is not working properly because there’s a lot of rust, it means that there’s too much humidity in the firebox or damper area. In the case of finding this symptom, it is advisable to call a professional contractor immediately, as it could affect other important parts of the chimney such as its tiles and cladding to the point of converting into a potential, but lethal fire hazard if left unsolved.

3. Spalling Bricks
Spalling is a phenomena to be avoided at all costs from forming in your chimney, since as a result of water leakages and salt formation, the brick, natural rocks or concrete gradually begin to separate until they detach and cause the structure’s total collapse. Fortunately, these symptoms can be easily found in your chimney with the naked eye and repaired by tuckpointing.

4. Cracked Chimney Crown
Chimney crown repair Chicago procedures are always a priority, since the crown plays a very important role in protecting the chimney itself from weather elements. If the repair is not carried out in a timely manner, the structure will progressively suffer significant deterioration to the extent of compromising its integrity. Therefore, it is also recommended that the chimney’s structure itself be repaired and reconditioned to withstand meteorological shocks.

5. Damaged Wallpaper
If you happen to notice that your home’s wallpaper is affected in areas near the fireplace, call your contractor for an immediate inspection and repair if necessary, as it could be caused by excess moisture.

6. Chimney Flashing

If you notice any leaks inside or outside the chimney, as well as water spots in areas close to it, your chimney flashing may possibly require urgent repair. Given the fact that it provides a waterproof seal to your home’s chimney and roof with the objective to protect it from water damage, the assistance of a professional is required in order to fix the chimney flashing properly and therefore, keep providing this protection for years to come.

If your chimney shows any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you solve it!

Masonry contractors

Signs you need Masonry Repair - Masonry Restoration in Chicago

Deteriorated or Missing Mortar
Most of the buildings and homes that exist in the Chicago metropolitan and suburban areas today have mortar work, which must be inspected at certain times to see if they need repair or restoration procedures in order to maintain their splendor. To do this, it is advisable to call specialized masonry restoration contractors than to do it yourself, since if you do the latter without knowing specifically what your masonry needs are, you’ll have unnecessary headaches.

Frost Boil 
Although a common thing, frost boil requires a masonry restoration contractor’s Chicago expertise, given the fact that the moisture caused by winter ice will make the bricks move out of place and bulge to the extent of requiring a brick restoration procedure.

Bowed Bricks 
This is a common phenomenon that can be noticed over time, especially when it comes to historic buildings and compacted bricks. Fortunately, it is a problem that can be solved through masonry restoration or repair work (depending on the case’s severity), which consists of adding a pier to the foundation and subsequently, replacing the affected bricks.

Interior Damage
If by chance you find an accumulation of humidity on the walls, deformity in window areas, cracks in the plaster, among others; it is a clear sign that the masonry is in need of repair. The aforementioned repair should be done by a contractor and as soon as possible, because if it is not solved, the structure could suffer from internal problems that could jeopardize its integrity over time.

Cracked Bricks
Cracked bricks are an alarming sign that a masonry restoration contractor in Chicago must intervene, regardless of the degree of severity of the situation. Despite the fractures in the blocks, it’s normal with the passage of time, but remains a potential safety risk if they reach a certain degree of cracking due to water leakages or freezing between gaps. Therefore, it is required to fill the cracks in the blocks as part of the repair.

Causes of Masonry Damage
Before proceeding with masonry repair or restoration procedures, our contractors must know first the exact cause of the damage to the masonry before drawing up a plan of action. Common causes are:

  • Vegetation: Due to the potential damage it can cause to brick or stone masonry, growing leaves must be immediately removed from the masonry area, as well as the roots in order to avoid them growing again.
  • Freezing and Thawing Cycles: The rainy season, like the winter, causes water to seep into small holes in the masonry and cause damage over time. Therefore, it is recommended to check the masonry during each season to see if there is damage.
  • Lack of Maintenance: It is always important that homeowners check their masonry to see if it requires repair, as that will help maintain the integrity and beauty of the masonry for years to come.

Incorrect Repairs: It should be noted that masonry repair Chicago work cannot be taken as a mere work at home and that it always needs to be carried out by an expert, since the slightest mistake made on the job can result in a potential risk of injury or death.

When does a chimney need to be replaced?
If your chimney shows a degree of deterioration to the point of being a potential risk to your home’s structural integrity and the physical integrity of people around it, it is very likely that your chimney requires inspections. Depending on what the aforementioned task shows out regarding its conditions, your chimney will need a repair, or even in extreme cases, will have to be torn down and subsequently rebuilt.  Also, if it shows symptoms of water leakages and progressive disintegration of the bricks from time to time, these are signs that the chimney also require tuckpointing Chicago jobs immediately. If this is not done, the structure can collapse and cause subsequent material and physical damage. If you are interested in knowing more about our chimney service and receive estimates, you can contact our operators.