The Many Benefits of Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is a solid, sturdy way to build homes. Bricks are easy to use and last a long time, so they make great building materials. Using brick masonry also lets you build more quickly and cheaply than many other kinds of structures. The entire process delivers many benefits to homeowners, like structurally sound buildings that save you money over time.

The durability and strength of brick masonry has been proven by centuries of architectural use. The rich heritage of historic buildings all over the world proves that brick buildings are strong enough to withstand natural elements, including heavy rains and snow, windstorms, and earthquakes. This comes as no surprise, given that clay bricks form a super-strong bond when fired at extremely high temperatures.

Bricks are among the most energy-efficient building materials. They can absorb and retain heat from the sun, which helps maintain consistent temperatures in the interiors. Compared to nonreinforced bricks, those that have been reinforced are more energy efficient.

Brick walls don’t burn in fires, so they protect your valuable belongings such as the house and its contents. Firewalls are easy to build and are non-combustible. Professional masonry contractors Chicago can perform masonry work in ways that prevent them from crumbling when exposed to fire for several hours.