What Is a Lintel?

A lintel is a horizontal support, often made of stone, wood, or steel, that bears the load of the wall above an opening like a window or door. Whether it’s a masonry lintel or a more modern steel one, its role remains the same: to ensure structural integrity with help of experienced masonry contractors.

Types of Lintels

Three main types of lintels are commonly found in buildings: window lintel and door lintel. They are often made from stone or brick and is a vital part of traditional architecture. Window and door lintels are specialized to fit above window frames and doorways. Though they may seem like simple structures, lintels are crucial for safety and require regular inspection.

Lintel Inspection: An Essential Maintenance Task

Lintel inspection is essential to spot early signs of wear and tear or structural damage like cracking, sagging, or bulging, which can compromise the building’s integrity. If problems are identified, lintel repair becomes imperative to prevent more significant, costly damage and ensure the structure’s safety. Repairs can range from minor fixes, like patching small cracks, to significant work that may include replacing the lintel entirely.
So, the next time you admire a building’s façade, remember that a humble lintel is working hard to keep everything in place.