Tuckpointing Chicago, IL | Extreme Tuckpointing Contractors

What Does Tuckpointing Chicago, IL Involve 

Tuckpointing Chicago is a specialized type of masonry repair, which involves tuckpointing contractors Chicago digging out damaged mortar, from the joints in-between bricks, then repairing the joint by adding fresh mortar and a narrow ridge of lime mortar down the center. Tuckpointing Chicago greatly increases the attractive aesthetic of the exterior of a building. It is not, however, just a cosmetic repair, the fresh mortar strengthens the masonry and prevents moisture from penetrating into the structure. Tuckpointing Chicago is commonly performed in brick walls and chimneys by experienced masonry contractors Chicago

When is tuckpointing needed?

The majority of structures need tuckpointing after 20 to 30 years. Specialized masonry contractors Chicago can inspect the exterior  buildings and determine when tuckpointing Chicago services will be needed. At some point all masonry work needs tuckpointing so it is a good idea to plan and budget for tuckpointing services in the future.