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The Importance Of Tuckpointing
Many people live in their homes for 30 years and never do the tuckpointing. That is not a good idea. It’s like never going to the doctor for a check-up or driving your car for 20,000 miles without maintenance. But, tuckpointing is just as crucial to your home as:

  • It holds your house together, literally.
  • It prevents mold inside the walls from forming as it stops your masonry from any water intrusion.
  • Bad Tuckpointing will get holes in it, and this will allow water to pass through and can even lead to water damage and even basement flooding.

It is essential to contact tuckpointing contractors. Let them assist you and complete any masonry repair required. They will ensure that your tuckpointing and masonry are in perfect condition to give you peace of mind that your home will stand for many years to come.