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It’s possible that you have heard masonry chimneys are meant to last forever. Nonetheless, the consistent exposure to the elements over the years can trigger deterioration and damage.  Repairing chimney masonry quickly is important for maintaining the structure of your chimney safe and sound.  Deterioration may worsen quickly after the mortar joint or brick has cracked.  This is particularly worrisome in the chilly winter months.  Our company can help to restore the structural integrity of your chimney by way of professional masonry chimney repair services, including techniques like tuckpointing Chicago, as soon as you observe loose, cracked, or missing mortar joints and bricks on your chimney’s exterior.

What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is a masonry technique utilized to remove broken mortar joints and then tuck in new mortar using specialized pointed tools. It is sometimes referred to as pointing and repointing. As stated by The Balance, tuckpointing is a labor-intensive project that should only be carried out by experienced and certified professional masonry technicians.

What makes tuckpointing so labor-intensive?
Prior to starting the tuckpointing work itself, the company first must assess your chimney’s current status.  It is important for us to observe the specific quantity of mortar joints that require replacement.  The following step involves the process of existing mortar joint analysis in order to prepare new custom mortar that matches the color and consistency of the existing mortar as nearly as possible.  We are proud of our skill at providing chimney masonry repairs that appear to have always been part of the structure.  In order to keep your chimney safe and sound for years to come, we utilize a very strong Portland cement-based mortar mix.

What is the best way to prevent future chimney masonry damage?
We offer a variety of preventive services to help protect your chimney.  It is crucial to keep in mind that water can detrimentally damage your chimney’s mortar joints and bricks.  We provide customized flashing construction and chimney repair services as well as chimney cap sales and professional installation services.  These two chimney components help to ensure snow, ice, and rain are unable to enter the chimney opening on your home’s roof.  We encourage you to create a barrier against water penetration of your entire chimney by having your chimney professionally waterproofed.  We exclusively utilize 100 percent vapor permeable formulas.  Doing so assists in preventing erosion damage for nearly a decade.
Ensure the safety and structural integrity of your chimney.  Reach out to our company and schedule an appointment for tuckpointing services in addition to our other expert chimney maintenance work and repair.